Shower Manager – The Automatic Shower Timer

Shower Manager - The automatic shower timer

U.S. Patents 6.016,836 and 6,899,733

The Shower Timer That Cuts The Flow

Troubleshooting Guide

Leaking at the Connection

Prepare your shower timer
  • Over-tightening the Shower Manager when installing, can deform the washer and cause leaking. To help to prevent this, try pre-moistening the washer with a few drops of water prior to installing and only tighten enough to stop leaking (somewhere between snug and hand-tight).
  • Use 2-3 wraps of Teflon plumber’s tape on the threads of the supply pipe prior to installing the Shower Manager.
  • Not all washers are suitable for use with the Shower Manager. If you loose the washer that came with your unit, you can order a replacement part here.
  • NOTE: Use of pliers/wrenches will scratch, dent or otherwise damage the connector and result in voiding your warranty.

Leaking at the Showerhead

Typical Installation

  • Replace the washer in the showerhead as these can degrade over time. If the washer is missing, install one and test for leaks again.
  • Use 2-3 wraps of Teflon plumber’s tape on the threads of prior to installing the showerhead.
  • NOTE: Over-tightening the showerhead, can damage the internal components of the Shower Manager and void your warranty

Restricted Mode

The Shower Manger unit is not going into Restricted Mode

Hard Water and calcium can build in your plumbing and even the Shower manager. Chunks of calcium or other debris can get lodged inside, block passages or otherwise prohibit proper operation. Use of a whole home water filter with regular filter changes can stop particulate matter and a water softener can help remove the minerals that build up.Remove your Shower Manager and inspect the passages for debris or build up.

Full-Flow Mode

Not going into Full-Flow Mode after a shower finished

To prevent extended showering, the Shower Manager (standard) has a 5 minute reset mode.When the water flow is shut off, the Shower Manager goes into this reset mode and will only deliver a low-flow of water.After the 5 minute reset time has elapsed, the Shower Manager will again start in Full-Flow Mode.To prevent issues, be sure to plan ahead and give yourself a full five minutes between showers.If after five full minutes with the water shut off, it does not return to Full-Flow Mode, replace the battery and try again.

Setting the Shower Time

Not delivering enough water pressure or volume.

  • The Shower Manager works best at common water pressures (40-65 PSI) and under normal circumstances, it still delivers on output pressure for a serious conservation device. Before installing the Shower Manager, ensure your household has adequate water pressure. Low water pressure can be alleviated by installing a pressure boosting pump.
  • Be careful not to use any other flow restricting devices, like flow-limiting shower heads, as use of such items in conjunction with the Shower Manager can cause low delivery pressure or volume.
  • A build up of calcium, sand or debris, use of plumber’s dope or excessive plumber’s tape, can all clog the inlets causing low delivery pressure or output volume.

Prepare for Use

The Shower Manger is set for five minutes, I want it set for 8 or 11 minutes.


What is the warranty?