Shower Manager – The Automatic Shower Timer

Shower Manager - The automatic shower timer

U.S. Patents 6.016,836 and 6,899,733

The Shower Timer That Cuts The Flow

About The Shower Manager

History of the Shower Manager

Shower Timer Patent Recognizing that “necessity is the mother of all inventions” is how it started. The Shower Manger timer was the inspiration of a Dad. Frustrated by the long showering practices of this two daughters, he put the wheels in motion that got the Shower Manager timer to the market. It started in 1997 with patents being granted along they way. Today, the Shower Manager is the only externally mounted shower head timer that actually ‘cuts the flow’ when the allotted time is up.

About the Company

Shower Timer Logo Shower Manager is a Global Network Solutions, LLC (GNS) company. GNS is an Eco-Progressive Company that over the past 10-years has tested, refined, prototyped, patented and manufacturers the Shower Manager technology. Today, GNS is recognized as a worldwide leader in shower timer and shower flow control technology.

From our Family to Yours

Our Family
The Shower Manager, LLC is owned by the Don Brunkhardt family of Denver, Colorado. As a father of two daughters, Mr. Brunkhardt was determined to find the solution to the family’s shower-time squabbles. The Shower Manager shower timer is his hi-tech solution to the common problem of excessive shower times and the wasted water and energy associated with long shower times.

We Back Up Our Products

The Shower Manager 1 Year Limited Warranty

If your unit fails within one year from date of purchase and is deemed to be defective by the manufacturer, we will send you replacement at no cost.

(0 Day Risk-Free Guarantee If, within 90 days, you are not satisfied for any reason, you are welcome to return the unit for a full refund of your purchase price.
Shower Manager LLC is now under the management of the next generation, as Mr. Brunkhardt’s daughters have carried on in the business. With a renewed focus on customer support, product improvements and by extending the warranty period to a full year, you can see that Shower Manager LLC is dedicated to standing behind it’s products. See the Official Warranty page for complete details.