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Shower Manager
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Sometimes Longer Showering Times ... For Special People

Long Shower Unit

Long Showers

The Shower Manager offers a Long Shower Unit, with shower times of 12, 15 or 18 minutes. It was developed in conjunction with advocacy groups of people with disability. While it is available to everyone, water conservationists are reluctant to embrace the longer shower times, stating that shower times of 15 and 18 minutes are too long.

We support the causes of these two groups, yet we balance the needs ... of all shower takers.

Offering More Freedon to Your Day

  • Eliminates the need to provide reminders
  • Works around the clock
  • Gives you more freedom!
all while giving the shower taker a sense of time and water conservation! -

Similiar in Operation, but Longer Times

Shower Timer in Full Flow
Shower Timer in Restricted Flow
  • Full-Flow Times of 12, 15 or 18 minutes, as to 5, 8 or 11 minutes
  • Two Minute Pre-Alert Tone of 2 seconds, as to 1 minunte pre-alert of 1 second
  • Seven (7) minute reset interval, rather than 5 minutes
When the bather turns the shower on, the unit provides a full-flow of water for the pre-set time. Two-minutes before the time expires, the unit provides a 2-second alert tone of the coming change in flow. As the time expires, the flow is cut by 2/3. This cut flow provies enough flow to finish showering, but not enough to encourage continued showering. When the shower is turned off, full-flow will not be availabel for 7-minutes.
The Long Shower Unit still provides the same purpose of controlled showering, but with somewhat longer times.

Find out what the rest of the country knows about the Shower Manager

Shower Control ... These Good Reasons: Happy-New-Lady-crop.jpg
  • The dollar savings
  • No more shower time confrontations
  • Keeps the family on schedule
  • No more cold water showers
  • Works when you are Home or Away

1 Year Warranty &

90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Save Water - Save Money

"If the Shower Manager doesn't meet your full expectations, send it back within 90 days of purchase and receive a full refund."

A full-refund means the initial purchase price, which includes the initial shipping charges.
  • We've seen a big drop in our utility bills every month since we installed the Shower Manager. We were surprised how effectively it took care of a nagging problem.
    Eric S., Pennsylvania
  • We received our replacement shower manager unit a few days ago. I installed the unit and it is operating great. Our family is happy again and there are no more fights over long showers. I am happy because I know my water and gas bill will be less. Thanks for standing by your product. Your customer service has been outstanding. I will spread the good word about Shower Manager to my friends who also have teenage girls and long shower problems. ... Thanks again for your support.
    Rich, California
NOTICE: We regret that due to manufacturer supply issues we are discontinuing the production of the "Longer Shower Model" and have suspended sales indefinitely.


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