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Shower Timer Frequently Asked Questions

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QHow do you change the full-flow time settings?
AUsing the supplied magnet, hover the magnet along the thin line on the side of the case; it is adjacent to the missing bubble on the face of the unit.  One beep is for a 5-minute setting; two beeps for an 8-minute setting; and three beeps for an 11 minute setting.  To change a setting continue to hover the magnet until you hear the number of beeps (time setting) you want, then remove the magnet.
QHow long does the battery last?
AThat depends on usage and family size. A typical range is 4 to 6 months, perhaps longer for more limited usage. As a part of normal maintenance, we recommend changing the battery every 3 months.
QHow do you know when the battery needs to be changed?
AThe unit will not go from full flow to restricted flow or won't open to full flow. In essence, the unit will seem to malfunction.
QWhere should I place the magnetic sensor to make changes to showering times?
AOn the face of the unit there is a ring of bubbles on the outer ring. Find the spot where a bubble is missing. On the side of the unit next to the missing bubble is a "line" raised in the covering. Place the sensor over this "line."
QHow much does the Shower Manager restrict the water flow?
AIn restricted flow, the Shower Manager will restrict water flow by 2/3 of full flow.
QI have an older shower head that delivers over 4 gal / minute. Will the Shower Manager restrict that flow?
AYes, most likely. In keeping with government guidelines of 2.5 gal / minute, the Shower Manager will most likely cut the full flow to the mid-2 gal / minute range.
QDoes the Shower Manager come with a shower head?
AThe Shower Manager does NOT come with a shower head. Your existing shower head should work fine.
QCan I use a shower message shower head with your unit?
AYes, but don't forget, the restricted flow will deliver very little water.
QCan I change the 5-minute reset internal?
ANo, this time frame is locked in at the factory.  The 5-minute reset interval provides balance between the time a bather will "wait it out" and the showering needs of other bathers.
QWhat is the typical operating range (psi) for the Shower Manager?
AIn the lab the unit operates between 25 and 80 psi. The water pressure for most water districts is 45 to 65 psi.
QCan the Shower Manager be programmed for longer full-flow settings?
AAn earlier version of the unit had a 15-minute full-flow setting. It was discontinued as the water conservation community suggested that it was too liberal, especially when we feature the unit as a conservation device.
QCan using other water devices in the house (flushing the toilet, turning on the clothes washer) impact the operating on the Shower Manager?
AIn most instances "no" other than the drop in water pressure as these other devices are turned on.
QWill the Shower Manager work with low-water pressure?
AIf you are on water well and have a storage tank you should check the operating pressure range. If the setting is 20 to 40 psi, you might want to see if you can adjust this range to 30 to 50 psi. In the lab, the unit functions at 25 psi, but if someone else in the household turns on another water device while showering (flushing a toilet, turning on clothes washer), this additional drop in water pressure may cause the unit to go into restricted flow.
QCan I use any type of shower head with the Shower Manager?
AYes, but there are a few exceptions. Any type of showerhead that shuts off the water flow at the shower head may interfere with the operation of the Shower Manager.
QWhat is the Warranty period?
AThere is a 90-day unconditional warranty, which states: If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with the unit, please return it within 90 days of purchase and you will be refund your initial cost.
QCan I install the unit myself?
AYes, it installs easily in  the majority of shower setups. If you have questions, here is a good website to visit: http://www.essortment.com/home/diyhowshowerh_shfi.htm
QWhat type of threads does it use?
AThe threads are 1/2" NPS threads, which is a universal thread for shower heads.
QDoes the Shower Manager shut off the water flow completely?
ANo, but in restricted mode the water flow is cut by 2/3 of full flow. Nor does is alter the mixture of hot / cold water. Note: plumbing professionals strongly mandated that the on / off value and hot / cold mixture of water should remain with your existing main shower control valve.
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