Cutting-of-the-Flow Technology Puts an End to Long Showering Times       


An update on shower control:

       We often forget about the dollars lost down the drain and the disruptions to our daily living.  With few effective options available, we have learned to tolerate them. Recent advances by the Shower Manager has changed that.  You can now place a time limit on showers.

You Establish a Showering Time that Fits Your Family Needs: When the Time Expires, the Flow is Cut ...

Full-Flow Times of
5, 8 or 11 Minutes

Shower Timer in Full Flow
When Time Expires
Flow is Cut by two-thirds

Shower Timer in Restricted Flow

       ... a tone alerts the bather ... reset interval prevents ...

    • An  alert tone lets the bather know of the change in flow, one minute prior to the change
    • The cut flow provides enough to finish rinsing, but not enough to encourage continued showering.
    • A 5-minute reset interval prevents extending the shower  


Cutting-of-the Flow Brings Results 

Shorter showering times

  • Savings on your water and energy bills
  • 24/7 Shower Control, even when you are not home

You can calculate your savings,  see the Shower Savings Calculator..


Technology Rescues Shower Control!


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Satisfaction Guarantee

The Shower Manager is risk free for 90 days. If you are not totally satisfied, please return your unit within 90 days of purchase for a refund of your full purchase price.


Shop Talk:

 We have an electronic digital bathroom shut off  switch.  Will your  work with this device?  The Shower Manager will switch the valve to low flow automatically, it does not require the bather to self-control the shower.

Our automated unit does not impact the mixture of hot / cold water. the hot / cold controls remain with the main shower valve.

The cut flow is approximately 1/3 of full flow.

Does electronic mean house hold power or battery power?  Out unit is operated by battery power, no connections are required to bathroom power.

Is the shut off feature rapid or happen over a period of time?  The shut off or partial cut is rapid, less than 1 second.

We have a shower limiter with a digital timer, does your unit limit the water through out the entire shower? No the limiter kicks in after the full-flow time has expired.

How well do kids adjust to this change?  It is easier for some than others, but typically within a week or two children / kids learn the new routine.

How is your unit digital?  An internal electronic processor performs the control and functions.

Will the timer automatically reset itself?  Yes, after five minutes.

We have an older bathroom, will your saver fit?  If you have a standard shower head, self install should be easy.

Is there a switch on the unit to change the times?  Parents keep a special magnetic device to control times.  Even if kids get a hold of it, the most they can do is set it to an 11 minute setting.




Eastern European Customers:  The Shower Manager works with the timed shut valve with limit switch.

Brazil & Chile Customers:  The Shower Manager works with the automatic hot water valve shut off..

The Shower Manager


 Featured on National Television

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We got your shower head controller seven months ago. Our mornings are much more pleasant and the utility bills show the savings. We can't imagine our household without it. Rachel B., Iowa

We live in Australia and water supplies here are a big concern. We looked far and wide and got your unit last year.  It has done a remarkable job of controlling showers and keeping surcharges down. A great product that goes beyond our expectations!  Herman, Perth, Australia

Uses of the Shower Manager:

91%  Parents with Children
  4%  Rec Centers, Housing & Dorms
  2%  Lodges, B&B's, Guest Ranches
  2%  Zoo's, Mines, Country Clubs
  1%  Health Care Facilities, Hospital Ships


USA Made in Loveland, CO with regular shipments to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Great Brittan, Netherlands, Middle East, India, & Chile

Shower Manager III, Since 2008

The Shower Manager is an exclusive offering of GNS, LLC, and is available over the Internet. It is not available at retail outlets like Lowe's or Home Depot.

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