It Works Because You Set the Time Limits to Fit Your Showering Needs


     The Shower Manager is a two-phase device that permits a full-flow of water for a time period you select: 5, 8 or 11 minutes. When the selected time expires the water flow is cut by 2/3, leaving just enough flow to finish rinsing.  As advance notice, sixty-seconds before the selected time expires, a tone (beep) will alert the bather the full cycle is nearing its end.

     The selection of a full-flow setting is done by placing a special magnet (provided) to a marked spot on the side of the case. As the magnet hovers over this spot, the unit will emit a beep or series of beeps. Each beep corresponds to a full-flow setting. We recommend that you keep this magnet in a safe place not accessible by children. If they do get the magnet, however, the longest shower they can set is for 11 minutes.


Override Protection Prevents Extending the Shower

     As mentioned above, as the bather nears the end of the full-flow phase of the shower, a beeper emits a tone. One minute later the water flow is cut to just enough to permit rinsing, but the restricted flow reminds the user that it is time to get out of the shower. The hi-tech device also has a five minute reset interval that prevents tampering by a bather looking to extend the high-flow period. From much customer feedback, we have found that five minutes is long enough to discourage a bather from "waiting it out," but it is not so long as to upset the next bather in line.


Easy Installation, Operates on Small 9-Volt Battery

Full Flow
Full flow means a fully invigorating shower
Cut Flow
Restriced flow reminds bather it is time to exit

     In most applications, the unit will fit between the service pipe and your showerhead. To install it, rotate off your showerhead. In its place, rotate or thread on the Shower Manager unit; then thread back on your showerhead to the unit.


     Your unit comes installed with a battery and is factory set at a 5-minute full-flow setting. The units patented functionality is powered by a single 9-Volt battery. These 9-Volt batteries are availalbe at hardware stores and grocery stores. They are low cost (as far as batteries go), but have a long service life. Typical battery life is dependent on usage; however, battery life should exceed 4 to 8 months even for a unit that is seeing regular and frequent use.


Does Not Alter the Mixture of Hot / Cold Water

     When the Shower Manager goes into restricted-flow mode, it does not alter the mixture of Hot / Cold water. That important function stays with your main shower (On / Off) valve. The Shower Manager is unique in that the water flow is never cut-off entirely. Note: if the water flow was cut off entirely, that action would render the main On / Off value useless.


No Need to Tolerate Long Showering

     Long showering times have been around for some time; probably going back to when you were a teenager. Many users of the Shower Manager say they have tolerated long showers too long, but couldn't find a solution until they learned about the Shower Manager.  



These Good Reasons:


  • the dollar savings                                                                                                            
  • keeps the family on schedule
  • no more cold water showers
  • works when you are not home


No Fuss, No Reminders ... the Shower Manager does it for you!


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The Shower Manager cycle: 'Full-Flow, Beep, Cut-Flow ... Reset Time' and ready to manage the next shower!

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We've seen a big drop in our utility bills every month since we installed the Shower Manager. We were surprised how effectively it took care of a nagging problem.
Eric S., Pennsylvania


We got the Shower Manager 7 months ago.. Our mornings are much more pleasant and the utility bills show the savings. We can't imagine our household without it.
Rachel B., Iowa



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My unit works fantastic... my wife has enjoyed hot showers since it was installed! I will certainly recommend this unit.
Jeffrey, Wisconsin


We didn't think we needed it, but it was a gift from in-laws. We are so thankful we installed it. Peace and clam has returned to our home.
Alison, San Diego



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 Feature on National TV as a "Break Through" on shower control

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