Shower Timer Testimonials

We live in Texas and have big time drought issues. We were forced to cut back on water consumption. Overnight, the Shower Manager solved the long showers.
Harrison, Austin, TX

We've seen a big drop in our utility bills every month since we installed the Shower Manager. We were surprised how effectively it took care of a nagging problem.
Eric S., Pennsylvania

We received our replacement shower manager unit a few days ago. I installed the unit and it is operating great. Our family is happy again and there are no more fights over long showers. I am happy because I know my water and gas bill will be less. Thanks for standing by your product. Your customer service has been outstanding. I will spread the good word about Shower Manager to my friends who also have teenage girls and long shower problems. ... Thanks again for your support.
Rich, California

We put your units in our lodge showering stalls. It has eliminated the long showers and conserves the hot water supply. Wish we would have spotted this the first 5 years we were open. It has eliminated a huge problem.
Troy, Eagle, Colorado

My unit works fantastic... my wife has enjoyed hot showers since it was installed! I will certainly recommend this unit.
Jeffrey, Wisconsin

We live in Florida and water conservation is always an issue. We no longer worry about long showers being an issue. The Shower Manager took care of that.
Matt, Orlando

We got the Shower Manager 7 months ago.. Our mornings are much more pleasant and the utility bills show the savings. We can't imagine our household without it.
Rachel B., Iowa

We here in the UK are becoming more water conservation oriented. Thanks for your help on getting it connected to our bath/shower plumbing. It has been three months and we like the results.
Marlow, London

We didn't think we needed it, but it was a gift from in-laws. We are so thankful we installed it. Peace and clam has returned to our home.
Alison, San Diego

Our three boys play hockey and when they come home after practice, it was a fight to see who got to shower first. After installing your unit, showering time is much more orderly and the showers are much shorter. What a relief! Thank you.
Lorraine, Calgary

Our mornings getting the kids out the door were hectic. We installed the Shower Manager and what a difference. You were right, I haven't had to raise my voice or knock on the bathroom door. We can't tell you how relieved we are. Thanks!
Megan, Salt Lake City

Here in Western Australia, water shortages are real and threatening. We installed your device last year and see the difference every day and especially when the water bill comes.
Harvey, Perth

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