Shower Timer - Offers Shower Automation 

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Shower Manager 


You select the time ... it does the rest



The Shower Manager 


You set a full-flow showering time that is good for your use. If the shower exceeds this time, the flow of water is cut









This cut or reduced flow provides 1/3 of full-flow, or enough flow to finish rinsing, but not enough to encourage continued showering. The bather soon learns to finish within the set time.


Shower Automation


  • Shower times of 5, 8 or 11 minutes - set with a magnet
  • Sixty-second pre-alert tone
  • When time is up, flow is cut to the 1/3 of full-flow
  • 5-minute reset prevents extending shower 


When the Shower Manager completes this cycle, the timer is ready to manage the next shower.  


The bather still gets a full-flow shower ... without it being excessive. Others don't have to wait and the rush is eliminated.

Installs to your shower head ...  No wire connections and No tile cuts. It takes about the same effort as installing a shower head. 


Cutting-of-the-flow is a unique and exclucisve feature of the Shower Manager. 



Freedom and Savings                                                                                            pleasedwoman.jpg


  • Eliminates family disruptions over showering times
  • Automateed savings on your Water and Energy Bills
  • Helps keep the family on schedule

             and no more cold water showers!     

Gone are your concerns over showering times and the dollars lost down the drain. The Shower Manager takes care of it for you.

A savings of impact: long showers are often recognized as a big water waster inside the home. With the Shower Manager, cost recovery of the unit can be in months, not years like other conservation devices.    


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 "Your shower head timer is a miracle worker.The morning showers get done without all the fanfare, making my mornings easier."  Thanks ... Rachel, Aurburn, Alabama 



Full 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee


If you have any concerns, try it for 90 days. If you are not completely satisfied, just return it within 90 days of purchase for a full refund of your purchase price.


A exclusive product of Peak Engineering and Automation - Loveland, Colorado. This product it offered on the Internet only, including Amazon.

In homes, lodges, B & B's, dorms ...  Calculate your Savings   


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Recognized Nationally --  for busy families

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                 ** For longer showering times, see Special Needs unit.


"Last year the Shower Manager got our showers under control, that on the heels of installing a smart thermostat. Without a doubt the Shower Manager is saving us much more and at substantially less cost."  Eli, San Jose, California



When it comes to showering - a peacekeeper!





Enjoy Your New Found Freedom!

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                        The Shower Manager    

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