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        One of its many applications:  It's a weekday morning and you are trying to rush the kids off to school, but someone is hogging the shower.  If this sounds painfully familiar, you might like this: 

The Shower Manager knows when to end a shower -- you establish a time and that's it!


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Shower Manager -- Establishes a Better Way!

 You establish a showering time tha is good for your family
















The shower starts like always,  a Full-Flow of Water.  Sixty-seconds before the set time expires, the unit emits an audible tone (beep) that alerts the bather of a change in flow. When the time is up, the flow of water is cut to 1/3 of full flow.


This cut or reduced flow leaves enough flow to finish rinsing ... but not enough to encourage continued showering.


Once the water is turned off, the unit stays in low-flow mode or reset mode for five-minutes. This keeps the bather from extending the shower.  When this 5-minute reset period expires, the Shower Manager is ready to manage the next shower.




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Proven Setting to Control Showers


  • Full-flow settings of 5, 8 or 11 minutes 
  • Tone alerts the bather one-minute before the cut in flow
  • When the time ends, water flow is cut to 1/3 flow
  • A 5-minute reset after the water is turned off

             Fits to your shower head. No wires, No tile cuts!



The End Result    "Showers are completed in an orderly fashion ... without having to say a word."TWOGIRLS 




... and the Shower Manager Makes Your School Days More Rewarding


  • Saves Water
  • Saves the energy to heat that water
  • Eliminates the backlog of shower times


 Used in Homes, Lodges, Cabins and Zoo's (for the trainors).



See Special Needs  Unit - For Longer Showering Times


 " The water authorities have mandated a 20% cut-back in water use. With the use of your Shower Manager we have nearly completed that goal. " Tony, Cupertino, CA


Continues to Make National Headflines


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Remember  the cycle: " Full-Flow, Alert Tone, Cut-Flow ... and 5-Minute Resetr" and ready to manage the next shower!

That's it -- Available in 7 days:  Easy to Set-Up and Easy to Use!!






You too Can Enjoy the Benefits of Shower Control

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The Shower Manager     

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Without an alternative, long showersing times have often been tolerated!








" What a relief! Peace and harmony have returned to our showering times. " Rita, Omaha 




 U.S. Patents 6.016,836 and 6,899,733   


 Patented Software and Hardware  

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Laboratory and Automation Facility
Loveland, CO 







 " Yes, a big difference!  We are thrilled with the Shower Manager. I even have hot water now for my shower. " Keri, Atlanta






The need for shower control goes beyond borders  


          and the Habitat for Humanity!



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 " Water concerns are a big item here. The Shower Manager has gone beyond our expectations. A terrific product. " Leo, Perth, Australia






 See Special Needs Unit / Long Shower Unit









 " Your Shower Manager has eliminated a big problem! Glad I found it " Eric, San Jose













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