Finding a Shower Timer Solution Need Not go on Endlessly

There is a solution. One that knows how to Cut-the-Flow, when time is up!



Here is what it is all about ... 

The Shower Manager fits to your shower head. 















You establish a showering time that is good for your family. When this time expires, the flow of water is cut or greatly reduced.   

This cut-flow or 1/3 of full-flow provides enough water to finish rinsing, but not enough to encourage continued showering. As the bather ends the shower, the unit goes into a 5-minute reset interval, with only low-flow available. This prevents the bather from extending the shower. 


Features of a Shower Timer Solution     


  • Shower times of 5, 8 or 11 minutes **
  • Sixty-second pre-alert tone
  • When time is up, flow is cut to the 1/3 of full-flow
  • 5-minute reset prevents extending shower

         The time you set stays until you change it.


Full-Flow, Alert, Cut-Flow and Reset Time ... Once the Shower Manager completes this cycle, it is ready to manage the next shower 


 Since 2010 

Long Showering times are often recognized as the biggest water and energy waster inside the home  

 Installation is similar to installing a shower head 

   ** See Special Needs  for long shower unit  

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A Solution With Good Rewards                                                                                                                mancofflf.jpg

  • Automated savings on your Water and Energy Bills 
  • Eliminates family discord over showering times
  • Works when you are Home or Away

           & no more cold water showers


You can say goodbye to the miseries of low-flow heads and noisy wall beepers. Instead, the bather can still enjoy a full-flow shower ... for a reasonable period of time. A more in-tune way of showering in our conscious world of greater efficiencies.

 Cutting-of-the-Flow is an exclusive feature of the Shower Manager 

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Guarantee -- If you are not satisfied with the results, send the unit back within 90-Days for a Full Refund  

It fits to your shower head.  No wires ... No plumbing or tile cuts.                             


Recognized Nationally 


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The Shower Manager -- 

 Saves Time, Dollars, Water & Energy -- all in one!  



A Solution that Can Bring Good Things to Your Daily Living!

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The Shower Manager cycle: 'Full-Flow, Beep, Cut-Flow and Reset' ... and ready to manage your next shower!

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" What a relief! Peace and harmony have returned to our showering times. " Rita, Omaha 



 The Shower Manager

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 " Yes, a big difference!  We are thrilled with the Shower Manager. I even have hot water now for my shower. " Keri, Atlanta



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