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        A five to ten-minute shower is considered a normal and refreshing showering time. When shower times go beyond this time frame they are considered to be a wasteful use of shower water.  To figure how much showering times are costing you and to see how much you can save in water and energy charges, plug in your shower times in the calculator below. 

 NOTE: You may want to refer to your water, gas and electric bills for your water and energy costs. The service rates used below are for water and energy customers in Denver, CO USA, and may not reflect your potential savings.

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* Shower Head G.P.M. or Gallons Per Minute.  A 2.5 GPM shower head is typical of today (since 1992) showerheads.  Some heads may deliver more, up to 3 to 5 gallons and some ultra low-flow heads may deliver less like 1.5 to 2.0 GPM.  If you are not sure, using the 2.5 GPM is a safe assumption.

Calculating your efficiency of gallons and energy usage can power you to better water management.   If you consider your family as boderline of needing help, don't forget the cost of energy and water are not going down in price.  In fact, with proposed government legislation, some predicitions place the cost of utilities going up by 45% over the next 5 years.  

Putting a lid on shower water and energy usage has never been easier. You can quit washing those gallons down the drain and measure the efficiency of your  efforts.


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To figure how many gallons of water your shower head delivers, take a gallon bucket and note the time it takes to fill that bucket.   Then divide that time into 60 (60 seconds). The result offers a very good measure of your gallon per minute delivery.  Example:  50 seconds to fill the gallon bucket.  60 divided by 50 equals 1.2 gallons per minute.
The cost calculator is a tool used and provided by a large water district provider.  Water districts often suggest that a 5-minute shower is adequate to properly clense the body. While this may be an unrealistic time frame for some, it stresses the point that 20 to 30 minute or longer showers go well beyond what is needed. To measure how much water and power use is within reason, use the calculator and keep it handy.  The price of water and power changes over the course of time, especially power.

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The cost of lingering showers can be much more than you realize!



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