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Shower Manager
The Shower Timer that Cuts the Flow

Cuts the Flow After Alloted Time

Cuts shower times. If you provide showering to students, workers or customers, you may want to consider showering control. Long showering times can be costly as well as impact others waiting to shower.

The Shower Manager is unique, it is the only shower timer / control that actually "cuts the flow" after a preset time.

Commercial Shower Timer - How it Differs

Shower Timers at work. The commercial model was created for high-use environments. Unlike the 3 Full-Flow time settings on the standard model, the Commercial Shower Manager has two full-flow settings: 5 minutes or 7 minutes. Instead of the 5-minute reset interval on the standard model, the commercial model has a 60-second reset interval for a quicker turn-over. These modifications are programmed at the factory and chan't be changed. However times can be modified on a special order basis; check with us for modification charges.

Shower Manager Works Well with Low-Flow shower Heads:

The Shower Manager works well with low-flow showerheads. Feedback from dorm use of low flow showerheads is that they do cut the water delivery, but they do little to control showering times. Coupling the use of the Shower Manager with low-flow shower heads produces very good results. Using both, the amount of water delivered and the time of the shower is controlled.

What you can count on is ... the Shower Manager cuts the water flow after a preset time has expired. With the Shower Manager you can use your existing showerhead, there is no need to team it up with an ultra low flow showerhead. The Shower Manager has built in flow controls: Full-flow delivers no more than 2.2 GPM at 60 psi and no more than 0.7 GPM in Restricted Flow Mode.

With these flow controls built in, the Shower Manager serves two purposes: shower water flow control and shower time control.

Calculate Your Potential Savings:

Shower Timer in Full Flow
Full-Flow Mode
Shower Timer in Restricted Flow
Rinse Mode

As the time expires, the water flow is cut by 2/3. This restricted flow leaves just enough to finish rinsing, encouraging the bather to exit on time and saving water, energy and time.

You can use the Shower Savings Calculator to see just how much you can save by implementing shower timers at your business. Let the Shower Manager help solve your runaway showering problems! Order below.

Find out what the rest of the country knows about the Shower Manager

Shower Control ... These Good Reasons: Happy-New-Lady-crop.jpg
  • The dollar savings
  • No more shower time confrontations
  • Keeps the family on schedule
  • No more cold water showers
  • Works when you are Home or Away

Full 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Save Water - Save Money

"If the Shower Manager doesn't meet your full expectations, send it back within 90 days of purchase and receive a full refund."

A full-refund means the initial purchase price, which includes the initial shipping charges.
  • We live in Texas and have big time drought issues. We were forced to cut back on water consumption. Overnight, the Shower Manager solved the long showers.
    Harrison, Austin, TX
  • We put your units in our lodge showering stalls. It has eliminated the long showers and conserves the hot water supply. Wish we would have spotted this the first 5 years we were open. It has eliminated a huge problem.
    Troy, Eagle, Colorado

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Commercial Unit Ordering Options:

Shower Manager One Pack Single Shower Manager
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Shower Manager Family Two Pack Shower Manager 2-Pak
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On orders over 12 units, pricing per unit is that of a 12-Pak (including prevailing Special) less 5%. Call for details.




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