Shower Manager – The Automatic Shower Timer

Shower Manager - The automatic shower timer

U.S. Patents 6.016,836 and 6,899,733

The Shower Timer That Cuts The Flow

Shower Timer Keeps Showers Short

  • Full-flow times: 5, 8 or 11 minutes
  • Alert tone 60 seconds before flow cut
  • Leaves just enough flow to finish rinsing off
  • 5 minute reset time prevents extending shower
See how it works here.

Why Use The Shower Manager

  • Saves water – saves energy
  • Stops the shower hogging
  • Works while you are away
  • Helps to eliminate cold showers
Conserve water the easy way.

Shower Videos

As Seen On Television Water providers have determined that long showers are one of the biggest water wasters in the home. The Shower Manager has been recognized as a great product for saving water. See the videos here.

Save $300 a Year or More

See your possible shower savings for an entire year.
See how much your family can save in a year with the Shower Manager. Savings based on reducing 20 minute daily showers, for a family of four, living in Denver, CO USA.

Household Shower Control

    • Better for Your Family
    • Environmentally Friendly
    • Effective Water Conservation Tool
    Shower control – without the fuss. It Just Makes Sense.

Special Situations

Saving water by taking shorter showers
Some situations are much more involved and showers just take longer. To address this, see the product to address these Special Needs with longer shower times.

1 Year Guarantee Against Manufacturer Defects 1 Year Warranty Against Manufacturer Defects

Save Water - Save Money - Satisfaction GuaranteedFull 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

See the Limited Warranty.

Commercial Model

Helping Businesses to Save water. Camps, Dorms, Hotels, Gyms and many other common businesses can all save water and energy by using the Commercial Shower Manager.